(Left to right) Bottom: Sam Dolan, Ty Rivera, Anusha Kemburu, Ritika Jain, Kaitlyn Riggio, Mr. Joseph Petrucelli. Middle: Mr. Gerard Dawson, Megan Bertrand, Natasha Fidler, John Ely, Evan Shymanski. Top: Isaiah Gaines, Tara Lonsdorf, Bryan Rodriguez, Sean Haddock, RJ Johnston.


Mission Statement

We, the staff of The Ram Page, strive to provide Hightstown High School students with timely news about school events, the student body, entertainment, opinion and sports. In doing so, we will uphold news values of objectivity and accuracy. We will maintain an active online presence to best serve our community of readers within the evolving landscape of journalism.  We will be vigilant in constantly improving, giving students a voice, and maintaining high quality writing, photography and design.  We will establish a legacy of integrity and passion in our efforts to cement The Ram Page within the ecosystem of Hightstown High School.

The Ram Page Online

Code of Ethics

  • Respect all staff, interviewees and parties associated with stories
  • Focus on quality reporting over fast publishing
  • Correct inaccurate or misleading information
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Maintain journalistic standards established in the print Ram Page
  • Abide by the same style in quoting, reporting, editing and formatting (when possible)
  • Keep the content the most important aspect of The Ram Page online
  • Do not plagiarize and use accurate photo attribution practices
  • Be mindful of writing for a global audience, represent diverse perspectives
  • Seek to innovate and maximize the potential of the online medium