Migos: From rap to trap of the modern world

Photo courtesy of Genius

Photo courtesy of Genius

David Chavez, Reporter

Migos fans are excited with the release of “Culture 2.” This album was released on Jan. 16, 2018. The trio rap group released the sequel to their biggest album “Culture.” “Culture 2” sold 200,000 albums in there first week. After exactly one year from the release of “Culture”, Migos released “Culture 2” which almost doubled in sales the first week. The album “Culture” only sold about 120,000 the first week and had great growth since then with the biggest hit “Bad and Boujee.” “Stir Fry” was the biggest song for “Culture 2.”  

  “Different buttons and all that but we still managed to you know while we on the road keep having business and keeping working and keep recording,” said Quavo on an interview with The Neighborhood.

  Migos have been working hard to come out with a number of songs in a year and, while on tour in Australia and around the United States, they worked in different studios. The trio’s album consists of 24 songs, and five songs featuring big artist like 21 Savage, Drake, and 2 Chainz, Gucci mane, Travis Scott, Big Sean.

  “Culture 2” has new variety of styles in  music compared to “Culture.” “Culture 2” has almost double the songs that “Culture” did. While they were producing their songs, they were  all over the world; they had experience in Africa and even Australia. In “Culture” the trio had more rhythmic songs for example “Bad and Boujee”, “T-shirt”, and “Slippery.” In Culture 2” there is more chill songs to listen to: “CC”, “Gang Gang”, and “Notice me.” Some rhythmic songs are “Narcos” and “MotorSport,” with two of the biggest female rappers now, Nicki Minaj and Offset’s fiancé, Cardi B.

  There are also some songs that aren’t up to their potential. For example, “Culture National Anthem” and “Top Down On Da NAWF.” These songs are a different style, and they aren’t like the rest of the album, to get pumped up or to just chill. These songs sound out of place in the album and don’t really sound like the style the trio would do.

  “We the biggest group ever,” Offset said during a interview with The Neighborhood. Offset also spoke about that they are so big they not only structure music for there genre but for other genres as well.

  Migos have had six songs on the Billboard Hot Rap songs in 2017. They believe they have earned the name “The Biggest Group” according to Offset. They are tied with the Beatles for the most simultaneous entries on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. Both groups had 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Hits. Making history for a trio is big, but it’s better with family, surprisingly enough they are also related to each other. Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Marshall, is cousins with Offset, whose real name is Kiari Cephus. Quavo is the uncle to Takeoff whose real name is Kirshnik Ball.

 The music they now generate has evolved from previous albums. Migos music has now changed into a more modern rap, which is where they don’t rap continuously. Now they make more catchy songs for people to sing along to. People who like to sing along should listen to Migos because they have catchy songs. They also have songs that are more chilled, you can sit and listen and be calm. The group is changing to be more modern. The new direction they are going is to reach all the fans. They make music for people who like to chill, or to sing along, or even to listen to the meaning of a song. Migos started off as a rap group but changed for the all the fans, but original rap is better than what they produce now. Hopefully they go back to the style of music that got their careers started, rap.