Siesta Key: Not Only Home to the Beach, But Also To Drama


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The cast o Siesta Key poses together on their home turf.

Natasha Fidler, Entertainment Editor

 The television network MTV introduced a new series titled “Siesta Key” on July 31 2017, which takes place in Siesta Key, Florida. This new series is a reality show loosely based off of the mid-2000s show “Laguna Beach.” Cameras and producers follow around the young adults that grew up in this beach town and their relationships to one another. Main characters include: Alex Kompothecras, Kelsey Owens, Juliette Porter, Chloe Trautman, Garrett Miller, Madisson Hausburg and Brandon Gomes.

  These young men and women have a variety of jobs and lifestyles at this point in their lives. Some go to universities, like Porter or Kompothecras. Hausburg is a recent graduate of engineering school. Both Owens and Trautman work at a local bar as bartenders. Miller is a personal trainer, and lastly Gomes is an aspiring rapper. Each occupation differs from the last, however they all have one thing in common: drama.

  I began watching this show as soon as it aired. My friends and I would come together every Tuesday night in the summer to enjoy the drama and act as critics.

 In the beginning I couldn’t get over the fact about how fake the show seemed. The drama seemed to be scripted. Juliette and Alex were thought to be a couple at the beginning of the series premiere. However, that did not last long as Alex was known to be a player. Once Kelsey, a pretty blonde model arrived at Siesta key the entire audience knew it was over between Juliette and Alex.

  There are moments in the show where situations work out too well not be to be scripted. For instance when Kelsey arrived it was moments later Alex swooped in to offer his friendship and maybe more. Even when he was dating Juliette, he had no problem flirting, maybe the product of some pushy producers.

   I know for the most part it is hard to relate to most reality stars, as they travel the world at the drop fo the hat. Or they are always throwing huge parties on yachts.

  Although the show was predictable, there was something so real about the emotions people felt. These people may  be television personalities, but some of their problems are relatable. Juliette’s boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend. Garrett was jealous of Kelsey talking to Alex. Madison was having a problem finding a job out of college.

   What makes Siesta Key different from many other shows is how relatable they actually are. They talk about snapchat on the show, an app that almost everyone I know uses. They all have insecurities that many people can understand. Chole battles her insecurity about her weight throughout the series. She deals with people making comments, while still trying to feel confident in herself. I know that is a struggle that many women and men at any age can relate with.

  They are not trying to hide all the small problems that have, like a boy not texting them back. They don’t gloss over all the problems and just to focus on their life tanning on the beaches. Or the fact that many of them could buy anything they want at any time. Siesta Key may focus on the parties, but also the drama within and behind the scenes of that party.

  Personally I enjoy the drama of reality series. However, just because Siesta Key focuses on smaller scale drama does not mean I like it any less. Making it drama that at some points even I can relate to makes me gravitate towards the show more.

  My friends and I have a tradition of getting together once a week to watch the recent episode of “Siesta Key”. This has been a ritual ever since the 2017 summer premiere. The tradition of getting together to watch Siesta Key’s drama has continued throughout the seasons. None of plan on stopping this any time soon.