Claire Ernst: Showing that Dreams Really Do Come True

Claire Ernst's single "Stupid Boys" taken off of her YouTube channel.

Megan Bertrand, Features and Copy Editor

Hightstown High School junior Claire Ernst is no stranger to music and performing. She has performed in the school musical, One Acts, and at Coffee Houses, as well as around town at local events.

Last year, she signed with a record company. Ernst regularly posts videos of herself singing covers on YouTube and Instagram.

Only a junior, Ernst has proved that hard work can equal success, no matter how old you are. Ernst has proved that pure talent will never go unnoticed, and that dreams can come true.

Ernst always knew that she was going to be into music. “Basically, music has been in my family for as long as I’ve been alive,” Ernst said. “My brothers are musical, I’m musical.”

This was the reason that for Ernst, songwriting and music were both things that came naturally to her.  “I wrote my first song in second grade…..and ever since then I’ve just loved writing songs,” Ernst said.

This passion for songwriting led Ernst to continue to develop her skills as a songwriter. She has continued to write songs since that first song in second grade, and after signing with a music company, began to release them.

Her first single, “Stupid Boys” came out earlier in the fall. A music video soon followed, and then the song was released on iTunes and Spotify. “[This song] was really fun to make.  I wrote it awhile ago in songwriting camp and I was 15 when I wrote it,” Ernst said.

Ernst had to wait a while to release the song, since she wrote it almost a year ago, but the wait was worth it.

The video has over 2,000 views on YouTube, and since coming out on major music sites, has been growing in popularity. “The release went great” Ernst said. “I cannot thank everyone enough for the endless amount of love for this song, it’s really inspiring.”  

Releasing the song on iTunes and Spotify was very meaningful for Ernst. “I remember literally dreaming about this when I was younger,” Ernst said. “I have so many goals in life for my music and this is one that I can check off.”

 But, even with all this success, Ernst still remembers why she started to write songs. “It’s pretty therapeutic,” Ernst said. “ I have a bad day or something like that I’ll just sit down[and write].”

Music has provided an outlet for Ernst to express herself. In addition to doing to this, it also gave her a plan for what she wants to do with her life. “My goal right now is to go to NYU for recorded music,” Ernst said.

Wherever Ernst goes with her music, she knows that she will always be able to express herself by writing. She also knows that wherever she ends up going, she released a single when she was just 16 years old. “I wouldn’t have the outlook I have now [without music],” Ernst said. “ I just want to thank everyone for their support.”