Humans of Hightstown: Rohan Buddala



Rohan Buddala

Roshan Patel, Features Editor

“So I didn’t prepare at all for this interview, but I have four more hours. I feel kind of jittery, and I just hope that I am able to convey myself so they’re able to see me as a person, not just numbers, and get the proper picture of me when I present myself to the interviewer.”

What happened during your last interview?

“For my last interview it was more of a conversation. The college application process can seem dehumanizing by putting yourself on paper and that might not be the proper representation of you, but the last time I interviewed it made me feel more confident because I was able to humanize myself. Basically show what kind of person I am rather than [focusing on] all my accomplishments.”
-Rohan Buddala
Senior, Hightstown High School