Cammarata’s Road to Freedom

Juniors Are Driving, Seniors Are Parking

Kayla Alkalay, Reporter


 One great part of getting older is getting that little, plastic card that opens the door to freedom. Being an upperclassmen means the chance to get a driver’s license. Both juniors and seniors can agree that it’s a luxury.

  Junior Hailey Cammarata likes driving her new set of wheels around and likes having the freedom to go from place to place.

  “I love driving. It’s so nice to have freedom,” Cammarata says.

  Some of the many perks in high school are having the chance to drive to school and say “goodbye” to that yellow bus and “hello” to Dunkin’ Donuts and Wawa runs in the morning before school.

  When it comes to having a set of wheels, whether that be new, used or a bit rusted, all high school students can agree that having a car is something that’s well appreciated for driving friends around town on Friday nights. When Cammarata gained her freedom, she also gained some new responsibilities like how she is paying for her newly, beloved car.  

  “I have a 2017 Jetta that’s new. My parents surprised me with my car but I have to pay for everything else including insurance,” Cammarata says.

  With more and more people getting their licenses every school year this leads to too many cars all trying to park in the same lot. The constant parking lot battle between juniors and seniors continues year after year.  

 “Driving to school is kind of annoying because I have to park by the apartments. I hope next year we do the assigned parking spot fundraiser,” Cammarata said.

  Many juniors like Cammarata also hope to have a change in the student and staff front parking lot in the near future.