New foreign exchange student living the American dream

Kayla Alkalay, Reporter

  New foreign exchange student, Sigrun Hauksdottir from Belgium, travelled her way to Hightstown this fall to experience life as a high school student in America. Age 15, this sophomore has been enjoying her time here with her new family taking care of her.

She says that she like the United States and all of her new friends that she has made here. Known as “Sig,” she plays for the girls soccer team and enjoys it very much.

  “Back home there are no after school sports, only team, separate from school. However, the out of school sports you do can count as extra credit, ” Hauksdottir said.

  Life back home for Sig was not too much different than life here in America. However, when she got here, she thought it was just like the movies with football players and cheerleaders wearing their uniforms on Fridays, getting everyone excited for the game that night.

  “When first coming here I thought only football players have those varsity jackets. Whoops, I was wrong,” Hauksdottir said.

     Sig arrived during the summer, staying for a full year to experience the American culture. While the past few months have been great for her, she cannot wait to experience more in this new country while enrolled at Hightstown.