PHOTOSTORY: Library hosts first “Poetry and Pie” night

Hightstown High School English teachers and librarians fully embrace the arts.


Tara Lonsdorf

Senior Ivana Diaz recites an original poem in the HHS library at the poetry and pie event.

April 12th was HHS’s first-ever night of “poetry and pie”, where students and educators alike gathered in the library to enjoy in the universal delights of both creativity and confectionery.

 The night was a conglomeration of the conventional and the DIY, with some poems written by students themselves and others readings of more professional works. Pies, too, were often baked by volunteers. In charge of organizing the event was school librarian Amy Gazaleh, who wished to pay homage to April being National Poetry Month, and who described the event as being “very well received.”

 “On the way out I got asked by several students if we were going to do this again, hoping to make it a regular event,” she explained. “So I definitely got that positive feedback.”

 Especially important to Gazaleh was the environment fostered by the reading of the student-read poems. Last year, a similar event had been organized among English teachers, with the most popular facet of the program being the student works. According to Gazaleh, not only were the student-read works a highlight of the night, they were also met with amiable receptiveness from other students.

 “We tried to make it really warm and safe and welcoming,” she said. “And the students definitely rose to that. Everyone that read got cheers and applause and it was very supportive. I think that everyone felt that what they were contributing was really well received.”