Avila and Velez share their voices at annual Adelante showcase


Photo by John Chuqui

Host Andrew Velez and co-host Isabel Avila on stage present the next act of the night.

Kayla Alkalay, Reporter


 On the evening of January 12, the Adelante club hit the stage to present their annual showcase. Junior Isabel Avila co-hosted with junior Andrew Velez got the crowd going for the night. Co-host Isabel Avila has participated in the Adelante show before.

Avila loves her culture and holds it with much pride in her heart. When hearing about the Adelante club her freshman year at Hightstown, she was very excited to be with other students also showing their Hispanic culture.

  “I initially joined the club my freshman year, in hopes to get more involved with the Latino community. My freshman year I modeled indigenous clothing from Guatemala, my home country at the show to represent my cultural background” Avila said.

After her appearance on the stage, Avila liked the idea of representing her Hispanic heritage.

  “Doing this show made me feel very proud of my culture. I feel that being hispanic is apart of my identity and I should represent that in any way that I can. Co-hosting this show allowed me to demonstrate my love for my culture and being a first generation Latina-American” Avila said.

  Although not in the Adelante club this year, friend Andrew Velez mentioned the need for a co-host in the show, which is where Isabel got the idea to be involved in this years showcase.

  “Interested in trying new things, I volunteered myself to participate. To prepare for the show, I worked on my spanish, read over the script multiple times, and got excited to present,” Avila said.

  With the showcase approaching, Avila became very comfortable on the stage presenting to a large crowd. The night consisted of Hispanic cultural dances, speeches, food and much more that made everyone participating proud to be a Latino.