Drama Club starts off 2018 with auditions for Pippin


Photo by Kaitlyn Riggio

Freshmen Claire Wroblewski (left) and Maddie Strickland (right) preparing for auditions for Pippin, Hightstown High School’s 2018 spring musical.

Even though Hightstown High School students just returned from winter break, the Drama Club is wasting no time in gearing up for their next production. Auditions for Pippin, Hightstown’s 2018 spring musical, began on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

  Among the auditionees are freshmen Maddie Strickland and Claire Wroblewski. Auditioning for shows is “nerve racking, but it’s a great experience because you get used to all the stress, kind of,” Wroblewski said. “It’s a really cool experience.”

  Both Strickland and Wroblewski put hard work into preparing for auditions. “At home, I was singing and dancing in front of a mirror, yelling at myself in front of a mirror,” Strickland said. “That’s basically it, just me talking to myself in front of a mirror.”

  Wroblewski used resources she had at her disposal to prepare for her audition. “My brother is almost a music teacher, so he helped me with the singing aspect,” Wroblewski said. “I go to acting classes every week, so I took it there and I performed it as much as I could.”

  Strickland had somewhat mixed feelings about auditions. “[I’m] nervous, scared, but I’m actually excited for them,” Strickland said. “I like auditioning, and I really hope I get into Pippin.”

  Auditions are the first step in a two and a half month long process that will lead up to the final production of Pippin, which will be performed at Hightstown High School on March 16, 17, and 18.