Geometry students become teachers at Curriculum Fair


Eighth grade geometry students present their project on origami at Curriculum fair in the annex

Alexia Lodise, Reporter

  Held on March 28, 2018, throughout the school, math classes presented their chosen topics, focusing on what they have learned in class. Ranging from eighth graders to sophomores, students were given the task to teach students as well as their parents about their topic. Geometry teacher, Colleen Furbeck, was one of the main teachers at the fair.

  “I think it was a nice event for everyone! It was interesting and cool to see students as the teachers in a different environment. A lot of the groups knew their topics and did a nice job explaining their project. The 8th graders were set up on one side, while the high school was set up on the other side. The kids seemed excited to be there and were checking out the different groups,” Furbeck said.

  Furbeck also made sure to help each and every student with their projects, making sure everyone understood what was expected of them. Students focused on different topics involving food to how much weight could break a wooden stick. In addition to their topics, students made trifolds to better help curious families understand their topic.  

  “I showed students examples of lesson plan outlines and templates from previous years. I also took time to explain each section of the project that was due and the due date. I communicated with students via Remind and over email to make sure that they understood the material/concept. Some of the concepts were really in depth or were ideas that we did not go over in class yet, so I communicated that with the groups that selected those topics,” Furbeck said.

  Freshman Priel Srivastava found the project to be fun and believes her group performed well at the fair.    

  “I think my group performed well because we all organized everything, so the presentation went efficiently. Our trifold was eye catching, and we all knew when we should talk, which kept the presentation smooth,” Srivastava said.

  Srivastava was not nervous at her first highschool fair and found it to be very entertaining.

  “I did not feel nervous since I was mostly around my group, and didn’t mix with any other people or grades. I also wasn’t nervous because I knew our trifold and our presentation was good since we put a lot of hard work into it,” Srivastava said.

  Sophomore Kavya Thomas, presenting the circumference of a doughnut, was proud of her group’s performance and was pleased at the outcome of her project.

  “My group and I planned our project by sitting down together and looking at previous models to used their plan to create our ideas. We made sure to choose something we all would like to do and something we found interesting,” Thomas said.