Goodbye Hightstown, Hello Washington D.C.


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Flynn

Cheryl O’Connor(left), Kim Ostrowski(middle left), Christopher Edwards(middle right), and Jennifer Flynn(right)

Alexia Lodise, Reporter


  On Thursday, April 12, over 100 students ranging from freshmen to seniors attended the long-awaited Washington DC trip. Students got to school at six a.m. and boarded two buses, for their four hour trip to the nation’s capital. The trip was organized by history teachers Jennifer Flynn and Christopher Edwards.  At first, the trip to Washington D.C. was as a class trip for students in Genocide and African American Studies, but not enough students were able to sign up.

  “Mr. Edwards and I wanted our students in those courses to be able to explore museums like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the National Museum of African American History to further  enhance their understanding and knowledge of the content being taught in class,” Flynn said via email. “Unfortunately, not all of our students in those courses were able to attend the trip so Mr. Edwards and I decided to invite any student attending HHS. We felt it could be an amazing learning experience for anyone at HHS!”

  The trip managed to gather a large amount of students, reaching 104 students total. While on the trip, Flynn and Edwards made sure to keep in contact with students as they explored the capital.

  “Mr. Edwards and I were interested in making sure we could stay in contact with students and chaperones throughout the day. We used the Remind App to stay in contact with students and send out announcements throughout the day. I had several students who sent me messages on the Remind App and it allowed us to communicate quite well,” Flynn said.

   Freshman Laasya Uppuluri, found the trip to be easygoing and enjoyed the amount of freedom she was able to have throughout the duration of the trip.

  “I think the trip went very smoothly and it was very fun because the groups got a lot of lenience to travel where they wanted. I’m glad I attended and would definitely attend again, if given the opportunity,” Uppuluri said.

  Overall, Flynn had an exciting time in D.C. and enjoyed watching her students explore and interact with national monuments and museums.

  “I had an amazing day in Washington D.C! I got the chance to interact with my colleagues and students outside of school. I was able to witness students eager to see national monuments, visit educational museums and explore everything Washington D.C. has to offer,” Flynn said.

  The diverse range of students who attended this trip allowed for everyone to view D.C. on their own, giving them a new perspective of the nation’s capital, visiting monuments they have heard about in class. Uppuluri and her group explored Washington D.C. by walking through town and visiting famous museums.

  “My group decided to first go to the Hirshhorn smithsonian museum and then go to the air and space museum. We later walked around the capitol but didn’t go in due to us all carrying liquids. Right after this we went into a board head cafe and just explored town. Once it hit 4:00 we started heading back and we mapped all our destinations by switching off roles on who is going to use Google Maps,” Uppuluri said.

  In addition, Junior Jordan Havens also had an amazing time with her group on the trip and would definitely attend next year.

  “I learned a lot about DC in general. One part of the trip, me and two other people took a bike taxi to get where we wanted to go, and our driver ended up showing and telling us so many things we didn’t know. It expanded our trip to have us do things we would’ve never done before since we didn’t know about it,” Havens said.

   Havens enjoyed many parts of D.C., but her favorite part was the famous cherry blossom trees.

  “My favorite part about this trip was definitely either seeing the cherry blossoms in their purest state because they are so beautiful and such a significant part of DC, or climbing the clock tower in the Trump Hotel to see one of the best views of DC. These were both moments that you just got to enjoy the most overlooked parts of this beautiful city,” Havens said.    

   From seeing national monuments to exploring museums, students who attended this trip, were able to learn more about history through their own eyes on their own time.

   “I do strongly believe the trip was highly beneficial for those who attended, and I am glad Mr. Edwards and I were able to provide our students with the experience!” Flynn said.