Robotics builds towards a new season

Hightstown High School’s robotics team is in the midst of preparing for their upcoming season.


Photo by Kaitlyn Riggio

Members of the robotics team’s programing and electronics committee work on making changes to their robot.

Hightstown High School’s robotics team, Mercury 1089, is in the midst of preparing for their upcoming season. The team recently began their build season, a six week period where the team plans and builds their robot for the year.

  A project this big requires a number of students, each with a different responsibility. One of these students is junior Luke Letourneau, who is a member of the programming and electronics committee.

  “We got started early this year with our work and are even revamping some of our code from last year to give us a good chance to finish our robot and have it fully functional for our first regional competition,” said Letourneau.

  Letourneau said that there were steps that the team needed to take before beginning to build the robot itself.

  “We started with strategy discussions, thinking about what we could do and then what we should do,” said Letourneau. “After this prioritization, we got started with designing our robot. We want to build it both robust and functional to give us the best shot of making it to, and maybe even winning, the robotics world championship.”

  Letourneau and the rest of the team have big plans for this upcoming season.

  “We’re working hard to fix the problems we had last year so they don’t happen again, and thus I think we have a good shot this year!”

  Overall, the end goal is to make it all the way to the world competition.

  “And who knows,” said Letourneau. “If we work hard enough we may even win it all!”