This means war: will you get that sale or fall trying?

Is it really worth it?

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Ty Rivera, Entertainment and Photo Editor

Thanksgiving- the time to cook, spend time with family, watch the thanksgiving parade, and eat a lot of food…at least it was. Thanksgiving has become a joke in the last 30+ years; now it’s all about the football game, the holiday sales, and having no school for four and a half days.   Then there’s Black Friday, the holiday that trumps all, every employee’s worst nightmare, and the day that christmas music starts to fill your head until you can’t think of anything else. Black Friday has become a United States phenomenon.

Either way Black Friday is way too advertised. Businesses use something called a market trick; it’s very common during Black Friday. Black Friday has turned into a way for big corporate stores to make money and swindle customers into buying items on sale. In truth, big corporate stores make more money on any other day, but on Black Friday they lower their prices on excess items or discontinued items such as shirts, or jackets from the season before that don’t sell. The corporations make an old item or non-selling item look modern and desirable for customers. Black Friday is a day that should not be considered a holiday, or treated as one. There are so many violent situations that happen as a result of this so-called happy-go-lucky holiday. Here are a few violent cases from this black friday in New Jersey alone:

In Springfield, New Jersey, a Walmart customer was gunned down during a fight over a parking spot just after doors were opened Thursday night.

A Jersey shooting took place about 1 a.m. outside a Macy’s department store at the Hamilton Mall in the Mays Landing section of Hamilton, after a customer did not get the item they were getting for their kid because it was sold out.

This year alone has gotten three deaths and seven injures, due to violence, stampedes, and fighting over parking spots. In New Jersey, for the past ten years there have been ten deaths and 105 injuries.

So it raises the question, why is Black Friday so popular? The sales are one, the toys on sale parents see for their kids is second, and getting new stuff has to be third. Right? No.

Black Friday has become a materialistic way to spend the holiday. People have gotten hospitalized and families torn apart because of the violence.

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In an interview with News 12 New Jersey, a young girl Maira Lane, states what she thinks black friday is  about, “Black Friday is a day to spend with your family and decorate the house for christmas. Because mommy always said that if we decorate the house really nice Santa will come.”

Black Friday is about putting up the tree or getting a tree, eating leftovers from the day before, and spending a season of laughter with the family that came down for Thanksgiving. This is what Black Friday should be, the tradition that was before going out early morning to get in line or right after dinner on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to our loved ones for making us strong, giving us hope and being there for us no matter what happens. Black Friday should be no different. In this life we never know what will happen, so we have to take our time and just give thanks to everyone. We can not keep getting pulled in by deals that empty our pockets and take our time away from our families. The world is going through a lot more issues then you not getting the parking spot closest to the mall, being first in line, or not getting the sale that was promised to you. We have war, world hunger, human trafficking, and so many more horrible issues. Is black friday really more important than that?