Would you eat a Tide pod for a chance at fame?


Courtesy of Yahoo Lifestyle

David Chavez, Reporter

I remember in sixth grade we did the eraser challenge, then the salt and ice challenge and who can forget the cinnamon challenge. How about challenges that aren’t trying to kill you, for example the bottle flipping challenge. Maybe even the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, which was intended to help the people with the disease but ended up with people getting hurt from the containers falling on them. There are so many other more harmless challenges, for example the try not to laugh, in which all you do is try not to laugh while watching funny videos. Also the mannequin challenge where you just stay still, which began with the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.

  But a new craze is the Tide pod challenge. The point of this challenge is get a Tide pod in your mouth and bite it. This challenge is different than others since it can kill you and it is not something to play with. Eating a detergent pod is a horrible idea. It can severely hurt the person’s body.  People love to get attention. Some people would even die just to get the perfect video.

  It started off with a meme of a person putting Tide pods on a pizza and baking it. Teens later started making memes about how tasty they were, but they never really ate the detergent-filled packets. Some teens thought it was okay to actually eat the tide pods, and some even went as far as to record while they ate them.

  Social media has made the situation worse since they can post almost anything they want. People, for some reason, are entertained by people doing crazy stunts. If you go on YouTube and type “cinnamon challenge” there is no doubt you will get lots of videos of teens doing the challenge. Social media makes challenges go viral, but they don’t show the aftermath of victims in the hospital with tubes and a plug keeping them alive.

  Tide pods are in a sealed package. The pods were put in a package so toddlers could not open the container and eat them, but they are not protected from teens trying to get inside of the cointatner. Teens are putting themselves at harm by eating these pods just to get more followers or more likes just so people think more people care about them.   

  Poison control gets calls about infants accidently eating the tide pods but they don’t usually get calls from friends of a teen that ate a Tide pod for a video and that teen is now in pain. Detergent pods are filled with concentrated chemicals and if eaten they can make vomit, burn, and even suffocate. So all in all you shouldn’t eat a detergent pod because you can die.

  The first article about eating Tide pods came out in 2015, which is interesting because the craze of eating detergent pods didn’t come out until the end of the 2017 year. It later started growing into 2018. The amount of teens eating Tide pods started at 39 in January 16th, and doubled to 86 teens in 6 days. This trend took off and a trend like this is a not a good thing because people become hospitalized from this trend. Teens have no reason to be eating tide pods but some record it to “show off” how they can eat a Tide Pod.

      Being a teen and making jokes is part of what you do but making videos of eating a Tide pod and posting it on social media is a horrible thing to do. People are dying attempting crazy trends to keep up to date with people but how far will you go to get more likes?