Girls Swim Team Victorious at Meet Against Steinert

Alexia Lodise, Reporter

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    Held on January 2, 2018 at Hamilton West, the girls swim team was victorious with their first place win against Steinert High School. With the start of a new season the girls swim team has done remarkably well. Swim team member, sophomore Emily Iglesias was pleased with her team’s performance.

  “I think my team did amazing. Everyone tried their hardest and swam their hearts out,” Iglesias said.

  Coming off of a first place win, Iglesias is more than confident that they will keep their winning streak.

  “I really think we’ll keep our winning streak. Everyone on the team supports each other and everyone does their best. With a team like that you can’t go wrong.” Iglesias said.

  I think my team did amazing. Everyone tried their hardest and swam their hearts out. ”

— Emily Iglesias

  Iglesias thinks the season is going by great. She believes the team has the potential to win first at every meet.

  Recently, the girls swim team has gotten a new coach history teacher Jennifer Flynn. Iglesias with the rest of the team have grown fond of Flynn and consider her an excellent coach.

  “It’s been great with Coach Flynn, she pushes us to do our best because she knows that we have the potential to do it. She’s always there for us and helps us strive for the best,” Iglesias said.

  However, winning first place does not mean that the team won’t practice just as hard.

  “Now that we won, practice has definitely gotten more tough. I think that all of us want to keep winning first because we know we have the potential to do so. The coaches do to and they continue to push us because they know each and everyone one of us is worth pushing,” Iglesias said.