One small step for LSU: One giant leap for Allie McDaid

Photo Courtesy of HHS Athletics

Photo Courtesy of HHS Athletics

Sean Haddock, Sports Editor

On Nov. 8, 2017, Allie Mcdaid committed to continue her academics and her swimming career at Louisiana State University. She has been a fantastic swimmer for Hightstown, and has broken many records. She had many options like Rutgers, Villanova, Virginia Tech, and Purdue but she ended up choosing LSU.

“I’ve known since last September that LSU was going to be one of my top choices when it was time to make a college decision. I was able to go on an overnight visits a few months ago to finally see how great the school is. LSU offers a lot of support for not just student athletes but all students,” McDaid said.

McDaid wanted to change locations and see what another area was all about. She feels like LSU was the place she feels most comfortable at.

“I visited other great schools on the east coast like Villanova and Rutgers, but I decided that I wanted to experience new demographics. LSU feels like a place that I could call home even though it is 1,000 miles from Hightstown,” McDaid said.

McDaid is very excited to travel to LSU.

“I am most excited about meeting new people and the change that the program at LSU will bring for me. Everyone at home is super supportive and has impacted my life greatly. I am forever grateful for what living in Hightstown had brought me,  but in time everyone needs change. It’ll be awesome to have a completely different experience than I’m used to and I’m excited to see how far LSU amazing swim program will bring me,” McDaid said.

McDaid is happy to see all the academic support provided by LSU.

“I remember when I was on my official visit they took us on a tour of all the academic buildings and showed us the tutoring rooms and other places where students can receive help. It made me feel comfortable, and I knew that if I needed academic support I would receive it. I want to go into the business field and they have an amazing business school as well,” McDaid said.

McDaid feels she really connected with all the girls already at LSU. She also feels that the coaches are a good fit for her.

“The swim team is awesome and the girl on the team and all of the coaches made me feel very welcomed when I was there. I instantly connected with the coaches,” McDaid said.

McDaid has broken many different records herself and with a relay group. She has broken the records for the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle, 200 IM, 400 freestyle, 200 freestyle relay, 100 breaststroke, and 400 freestyle relay.

McDaid has been swimming for about ten years. She started when she was eight years old at her swim club Brooktree. Her friends convinced her to join and she couldn’t be any happier with the decision she made. She continues to impress people in the crowd and move forward onto bigger things.