Winter Track: Sprints, Snow, Satisfaction


Natasha Fidler

Anna Trancozo runs in her 400 meter event

Natasha Fidler, Entertainment Editor

 One of the more recent meets was held at Lawrenceville Prep indoor track on January 13th, 2018.  Senior Anna Trancozo is the girl’s sprinting captain for the 2018 winter track season and ran in the 400  along with the 800 meter at the Lavino Relay meet.

   Trancozo’s main event is the 400 meter. At the Lavino Relay meet she ran the 400 in the SMR: sprinting medley relay. Also that day Trancozo ran the 800 meter in the 4×800 relay.

  “I ran a 69 second 400 and then went onto run 2:46 for the 800,” Trancozo said. Both times qualifying her for sectionals.    

  Track may be an individual sport putting extra pressure on the athlete, although Trancozo says that her team is always there to cheer her on.

  “Running obviously isn’t easy, but the team is super supportive so they  make the experience fun,” Trancozo said.  

   Indoor winter track meets tend to be for long periods of time. The Lavino Relay meet was from 12:00 PM- 6:00 PM. That does not include travel time and registration. There are many events and they move fast, Trancozo states that meets can be the toughest part of her Winter Track experience.

  “It is really tough running multiple events in the meets because you have to run all out and that really drains you and then you have to do the same thing again not much later so you’re still worn out from before,” Trancozo said.

  Trancozo wanted to offer a little advice to anyone who is thinking about running winter track.

  “My advice is to always bring as many layers as you can because you never know when you will be practicing outside,” said Trancozo