Anna Cox
Anna Cox is a senior and three year veteran of The Ram Page, of which she is the managing editor. She enjoys making "dope" Spotify playlists, dancing, embarrassing her friends who are willing to go out in public with her, and wearing party hats. However, she spends most of her time avoiding the paparazzi, because she is, in fact, a really big deal. Anna has thoroughly enjoyed all of her time on The Ram Page and all the friends, memories, and enemies made. She credits the paper with helping her get accepted to college and with finding her eternal nemesis, senior and editor-in-chief Josh Fayer. She plans to study cognitive science next year at whichever university is lucky enough to be graced with her presence and her thousands of dollars in tuition. She is accepting and supportive of all attitudes, especially ones where people want to pay for things for her (see: college tuition).

Anna Cox, Managing Editor

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Anna Cox