Anusha Kemburu
Anusha Kemburu is a certifiable ray of sunshine who is a junior in high school, with this being her second year as a part of the Ram Page, as an Opinion &  Copy Editor. She plans on being a part of the class until her senior year, or, until people get sick of her and her opinionated rants.

If given the option between talking to you and reading a book, she would most likely do the latter. If given the option between writing and reading a book, well, don’t, cause she will try her best to somehow do the two at once. Other than reading and writing, she enjoys dancing and running. She might not be the most graceful whilst dancing, or the fastest whilst running, but they’re things she enjoys nonetheless.

When she isn’t alone, Anusha surrounds herself with her closest friends and family, who hopefully love her just as much as she loves them.

Anusha Kemburu , Opinion & Copy Editor

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Anusha Kemburu