Kaitlyn Riggio
Kaitlyn Riggio is a senior and the Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor for the Ram Page. She is a member of the Hightstown High School marching band, where she is the clarinet section leader, and she is also in Wind Ensemble, where she plays both Bb and alto clarinet. When she's not off being a band geek, Kaitlyn also participates in Drama Club and HightsTones, HHS's a cappella group. Outside of school, Kaitlyn enjoys singing, writing (specifically mediocre poetry), listening to music, and making awful puns for the sheer purpose of annoying her friends (who she loves very much). From an outside perspective, Kaitlyn seems quiet and shy. However, once you get to know her, you will find that she literally does not shut up (seriously, do not mention drum corps or Hamilton around her. She can and will talk about it for hours on end). In September 2018, Kaitlyn will be attending Boston University as a journalism major. Kaitlyn is very excited to be on the Ram Page and hopes to learn as much as she can about journalism, as well as improve her writing.

Kaitlyn Riggio, Editor-in-Chief/Opinion Editor

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Kaitlyn Riggio