Tara Lonsdorf
This is Tara's third year on The Ram Page, where she has wrongly been trusted with a large modicum of power as Editor-in-Chief.  A frenzied painter, ad-hoc drummer, disgruntled writer, and impassioned pescatarian revolutionary, Tara has been praised as "passable" at most of her endeavors.

Her current accomplishments include being crowned a marching band state champion without even knowing how to play an instrument, and (rightfully) earning the Garden State Scholastic Press Association's Award of Overall Excellence for The Ram Page. 

Having been voted "Most Creative" by a jury of her peers, Tara had decided to forgo societal expectations like a rebel, and pursue only careers in non-creative fields. In the future, Tara hopes to either be a National Geographic journalist, a pharmacist, a public defense attorney, a United Nations representative, an astrobiologist for NASA, or all five at the same time.





Tara Lonsdorf, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

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Tara Lonsdorf