Ty Rivera
Ty is a senior at Hightstown High School, the photo and entertainment editor for The Ram Page. She loves photography and wishes to become a photojournalist after high school. She wants to go to an SCAD for college. Ty is attending Mercer County Community College this year for half of the school day while also attending Hightstown. Ty believes that she will be the best photojournalist she knows she can be. Ty won a photo competition and got director's choice, she is advancing to a national level. Ty has also entered a number of photo competitions and has done other things to advance in her photo skills. Ty is happy that her family supports her decision to be a photojournalist. She wants to thank all those who read her articles.

Ty Rivera, Photo and Entertainment editor

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Ty Rivera (Media)
Jun 07, 2016
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Ty Rivera